Mt. Healthy North Elementary School Celebrates Student Art and Academics

Just a typical Thursday evening, but wonderful things were happening on the campus at Mt. Healthy North Elementary School. Students and teachers showcased the work they have spent much of this winter and spring completing. There were self-portrait drawings, mixed media, and watercolor paintings. There were creative books authored by students with themes like all about me, animal facts, mystery, comic books with drawings, and fictional short stories. There were Math puzzles and games created by students. There was a scavenger hunt to the different rooms. There was a table of free books for students. Students and families also expressed themselves with chalk art outside on the side walk.

More than 500 students with family members attended this family engagement event displaying the true and enriching talent of the student body. Teachers, staff, and administrators boasted about the students and how well they are learning as well as showing what they learn along the way. “It was wonderful to see the students' excitement and pride when showing off the books they created,” explained Mrs. Dorsey, Principal North Elementary School.