Tier 1 – social emotional learning with social workers (with distance learning of course). Social workers go into each classroom and facilitate classroom wide social skills such as regulating emotions, bullying, and self-esteem.

 Tier 2 -  Children’s Home provides school based counseling to improve the functioning of the child and family. A therapist provides telehealth and limited in person (due to COVID) counseling to assist students with social emotional behavior needs so they are able to succeed in the classroom. Children’s Home also provides care coordinator services where a qualified worker works with the student and their families on such topics as how to care for a child with a mental health issue and parenting skills.

 We also have Talbert House who comes in to run small groups on social skills and positive peer interactions for those who struggle more than our tier 1 students. (not sure what this will look like for this school year just yet)

 Tier 3 – Children’s Home Day Treatment. This is for our students who are high risk with behaviors. They receive counseling services in a small group setting for half of the day here on campus and they attend classes the other half of the day.